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About NostraDavid

NostraDavid has been a gamer since trying out the family's green-monochrome computer back in 1992. Since then he learned how to program the darned machines too and got his Bsc Software Engineering in 2020, but like the rest of humanity is getting shafted by 'rona. After getting shafted by 'rona for about 9 months, he finally got a job at a pretty large company (1000+ employees), which means his streaming time has been greatly reduced Sadge


As of 2021-01-31 I've decided to pause the streaming until I stop being tired in the evening. My new job + streaming has slowly been burning me out, which means streaming wasn't as fun as before. When I regain my energy, I'll likely return.

That's why I decided to stop (for now).

Streaming time

When the short hand hits the red part, it's likely I'm online (You'll also see a bot post a notification in the chat, though you'll have to be on this site to see. Or you can check out my Twitch page to see if I'm online 😉)


Note that the first/last stream dates are changed by hand, so yeah they'll get out of date eventually.

7 Days to Die

Been playing this with POwerEmperor in a co-op world (that's basically how we play it, anyway). Been setting up a base, with our battle arena (lovingly called Battle Bitch).


POwerEmperor has been working on a map of the Netherlands, which we've started on a private server on 2020-12-09. As of 2020-12-10, I expect the main series to be put on the backburner until we're burning out on this map too. The Netherlands map is a PvP map though and we're not working together in this one.

World of Warcraft Starter Edition

I'm so happy I found out they have a free edition of WoW that they've called Starter Edition (even though max level 20, and you're missing out on expansion zones)

I've been having the time of my life with this game. I've wanted to play WoW since finding out it game was going to be a thing, back in 2003!

I ran around with my brand new characters - I tried all possible classes and races - until the Level Squish of Shadowlands prepatch, now I have even more free content to play! All because of the new Level Squish!

If you want to see all my WoW characters, check out my custom Armory.

My main, as of writing, is a Protection Paladin, because I'm able to tank several PvE mobs at a time, something most other classes seem to have trouble with. I'm not sure if this would be my main if I had the whule game, but who knows!

Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital

Not to be confused with Obsidian Entertainment's Outer Worlds.

I haven't played a game like this since Zelda: Majora's Mask, somewhere in the early 00's!

I've never streamed it, because I wanted to experience this offline, but I've added this honorarily, because huly shit was it an amazing experience.


Me and POwerEmperor hadn't played v1.4 yet, so we figured we'd do it on Twitch! To keep it exiting, we decided to play on Hard mode (harder enemies). We also started out that if we died we also dropped our items, but huly shit was that an annoyance. So we decided to turn that off (by editing our characters off-stream).

This was our first stream together, so the first streams were hella awkward. Maybe I was slightly less awkward because I had some minor experience with playing WoW, but still... It was terrible.

That being said, we somewhat got burned out on getting to the Moon Lord

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This is where I livestream, usually in the European (CEST) evening (between 19:00 and 22:00 it's usually currently (2020-10-02) Terraria and after that sometimes World of Warcraft

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This is where I post updates if the stream ever goes down and I keep track of other Twitch streamers

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This is where I post my highlights/cleaned up streams unrelated videos, as of 2020-12-10

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This is where I hang out in the meantime

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Where you can find the source of this website. Check out the nostradavid.github.io repo for the entire project 😊

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