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World of Warcraft

I've relatively recently () started playing World of Warcraft and it's been quite an experience!

I figure I make a page where I can slap down some information I want to revisit.

2020-12-10 Note: This list is already getting outdated - my char list is way longer now. Not to mention most of these are currently stuck at Level 10, because of the level squish + no time to play. Streaming with a friend has been taking a large chunk of my time, as has work ;_;

My characters

Sorted in order of creation

Name Race Class
Nostradavid Human Paladin
Suldach Orc Warrior
Zappho Human Mage
Ârthúr Undead Warlock
Ædisérá Draenei Priest
Feldanis Blood Elf Priest
Jinpow Panda Monk
Soldan Goblin Rogue
Nashá Night Elf Druid
Gillas Dwarf Hunter
Tâlon Worgen Druid
Rhilu Troll Shaman
Diâna Gnome Mage
Duvo Tauren Warrior